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About Materials Engineering

Materials engineering is a discipline dealing with production, processing, characterization, selection and design of materials. This includes metals and alloys, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers, glasses, composites, biomaterials and recently developed nano-materials. Typical job functions include designing new materials, developing new/improved-manufacturing processes, selection of materials, failure analysis, characterization of structures and determination of properties. Materials graduates are engaged in a very wide range of industries, not only the materials-producing industries but also in all types of manufacturing industries, where materials are becoming an increasingly important factor in terms of the competitive edge of many products, the energy industry and other public utilities. Government research laboratories, research organisations and engineering consultancy companies also require a significant numbers of materials graduates for their on going research projects. This progression of material’s industry in Pakistan increases demand for materials graduates, where there is a considerable shortfall of Materials Engineers in the field. It is highly appropriate time for NED UET to start teaching and research in this rapidly growing discipline within a city of more than 15 million population and extremely progressive industrial part of the country. NED University is reputed for providing talented and able Engineers at home and abroad. In its continuous endeavours to enrich Pakistan, which is now broadening its spectrum, the NED University is preparing to offer Materials Engineering discipline. The present document is concerned about the establishment of a materials engineering department for both research and teaching purposes at NED UET, Karachi and provides a detailed plan for starting the department.The curriculum for the Bachelor degree in Materials engineering [B. E. (Mat.Engg.)] discipline is specifically designed to commensurate with the need of the industry and R & D at home and keeping in view of the recent trends abroad in the field. It meets the requirements of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) to impart quality education at standards at equal to that of any international university in the field of materials.

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