21st century is the century of materials century. Developments in the design of aircraft, cars, electronic equipment, domestic appliances and many other items depend critically upon the availability of new and innovative materials. The Materials Engineering Department is currently offering Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs in the field of materials and metallurgy.

What is Materials Engineering?

Materials engineering is a discipline which deals with production, processing, characterization, selection and design of a range of materials including metals and alloys, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers, glasses, composites, biomaterials and recently developed nano-materials.

Why do we study Materials Engineering?

Pakistan has entered into an era of specialized hi-tech materials after surmounting over the classical “steel mill metallurgy” and has started to produce various types of luxury cars, buses, heavy duty trucks, split air-conditioners, power plants, ships and oil-rigs, missiles, sub marines, fighter planes, tanks etc. all of which demand for specialised materials in addition to the conventional materials. There is an emerging national demand of new advanced materials that can only be fulfilled by producing materials engineers.

Vision of Our Department

Be one of the leading academic departments of Sindh in particular and Pakistan in general, it would be the choice of study for the students and preferred consultant for the industries.

Mission of Our Department

Develop and disseminate the understanding of processing, structure, property and performance of materials so that our graduates can be leader in the field of Materials Engineering and apply their knowledge and skills for the benefit of the society with integrity and wisdom.