The department also offers a full-time Ph.D. and Master's degree program with students enrollment of 16 and 20 in each program (as of May 2022). There are 7 ISP research works in progress.  Each program is based on themes in the following research areas and selected course work:

Research Areas

  1. Joining of Materials
  2. Nanomaterials
  3. Electrochemical Engineering 
  4. Smart Materials
  5. Biomaterials
  6. Functional Materials
  7. Materials for energy applications
  8. Advanced Coatings
  9. Composite Materials
  10. Aerospace Materials
  11. Magnetic Materials
  12. Corrosion
  13. Superalloys
  14. Superconducting Materials
  15. Failure Analysis of Materials


  1. Materialography Lab
  2. Optical Microscopy Lab
  3. Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing Lab
  4. Corrosion Lab.
  5. Advanced Materials Characterization Lab
  6. Computer Modelling and Simulation Lab
  7. Manufacturing and Thermal Treatment Lab
  8. Composite and Ceramics Processing Lab
  9. Electro-Ceramics Lab
  10. Hydrogen Generation Lab (Under Development)
  11. Nano Lab

Research Groups 

1. NED Ceramics and Functional Materials Research Group (PI Prof. Dr. Fayaz Hussain)
2. Welding and Additive manufacturing Research Group (PI Prof. Dr M. Sohail Hanif)
3. Nanomaterials Research Group (PI Dr. Sajid Ali Asghar)
4. Energy Research Group (PI Dr. Faaz Butt)